Run For Peace - a 5K race on May 26, 2012

Run For Peace is a 5K race that has been a significant fundraiser for United Family Services for many years.  Several Community Matters companies have asked about this terrific race and fun run at McAlpine Creek Greenway on May 26, 2012.   

We ask that each company select a captain for its team, who would be responsible for collecting the funds, mailing the funds in, and having everyone sign the form which also acts a waiver.  In addition to your company name, please also indicate Community Matters in the upper right corner of the form.   

Note: Although teams are encouraged to sign up at least 10 members, please go ahead and send in your form if you do not have that number.  Your team will be combined with other Community Matters companies to meet the 10-person requirement. 
Forms and checks should be made out to Charlotte Run for Peace and sent to the address included in the registration guidelines.
If you have any questions about the race, contact Carol Roth, Director of Community Relations at UFS (croth@ufsclt.org704-367-2799) or Zac Reilly, president, Charlotte Peace at Home (zjoreilly@yahoo.com704-582-9420)