RIMS Vendor Appreciation Luncheon

For those who have received an invitation, please joins us on Thursday, February 19, 2015 at Bonterra Dining & Wine Room (1829 Cleveland Ave, Charlotte, NC) for our RIMS Vendor Appreciation Lunch. Registration begins at 11:30am and lunch is served at 12:00pm.  Valet parking will be provided.


Our featured speaker is Curtis Hughes. Curtis  is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author, as well as a Founder and Managing Partner of C5 Insight, a management consulting firm that helps organizations work together better. Curtis has nearly 20 years of experience consulting with businesses and government agencies across North America, Europe and Asia in the areas of collaboration, employee engagement, leadership, and personal and professional productivity.  His company has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States, and has been recognized four times as one of the top 20 Best Places to Work in Charlotte, NC. He has served in a leadership role for the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) for the American Red Cross, sits on the Advisory Board for the UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics, and at the ripe age of 34, was named as one of Charlotte's prestigious "40 Under 40" in recognition of his business accomplishments and commitment to the community.  His topic for our meeting is:

“Failure to Connect: Why Organizations Aren't Getting More From Collaboration”

 Collaboration as we know it has changed dramatically over the years. It wasn't that long ago that we had to make a concerted effort to connect with one another; now that same effort is required to disconnect.  So why do organizations continue to struggle to connect with employees, customers and partners? Collaboration tools and technology are both numerous and sophisticated, but are we really better off? Are there any risks inherent to collaboration? On the other hand, what risks come from not collaborating?  If we have the tools, the technology and the will, then why aren't we doing a better job with collaboration in our organizations?  In short: Is a company that can truly work together better nothing more than a myth - a lofty goal to which we aspire but will never attain? In this session, Curtis will tackle these questions and more, taking an in-depth look into why collaboration fails to meet our expectations and what organizations can do today to forge new connections, become more productive, increase employee engagement, and build a culture of collaboration.